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My name is Julian, founder of The Food Truck Guy. My story starts from childhood. I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, and growing up seeing first-hand how my parents enjoyed the benefits of flexible schedules and financial freedom. I wanted that life for myself.

Being raised in France, and USA, traveling the world to many countries, I was able to experience different foods from different cultures. As I grew older, I had observed, in Houston, Texas, various food trucks and food stands around the city and decided the city needed French food trucks and stands! So, I launched my new business.

I started doing research about the food truck industry. After meeting food truck owners, and making friends with them, I soon realized that instead of joining the industry, I could help from the outside! Altogether I realized that with my multi-cultural background giving me the opportunity to try different foods that I too, could connect people to all kinds of food at the tip of their fingers. All while helping small business by bringing them customers and recognition. I began working to develop how I really viewed my company and wanted everything to be structured.

The sole purpose of my company is to help all food truck owners –– not only nationwide, but worldwide –– to become true entrepreneurs who enjoy the perks and benefits of ownership. I want to guide them, to encourage them, to inspire them. I want to take them from the difficulties of the business running them to the enjoyment of them running the business. In my company, we strive for excellency, honesty, integrity. We will help them grow their business in a way that will allow them to reach their full potential. I will be there with them every step of the way, helping them to implement a new and inventive support system customized specifically for each individual business.

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My name is Matthew Jacob Alvarado, the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of The Food Truck Guy. I’m from Friendswood, Tx. I was born into an Afro-Latino family, developing a great entrepreneurial spirit, starting my own toy business as a kid. I later set out on a goal to start my own clothing line with my family.

Fast forward a few years, my story with The Food Truck Guy starts when I met Julian a few years back, and formed a really good friendship over our love for business. The idea really intrigued me because I love food, and I love that it helps us to appreciate different cultures. I have always had an interest in showing people food and different experiences they can have. I believe that it can bring us together, and help create a wonderful atmosphere. I really believe that here at The Food Truck Guy, not only is it our dream to change the mobile food unit industry, but we have a mission to help bring people together by discovering new and different cultures, by means of these wonderful food trucks.

Being offered the opportunity to jump on board the founding of the business, I could not pass it up. Here at The Food Truck Guy, we strive for excellency, honesty, integrity, all backing our goal to help each food truck owner reach their full potential with their business.


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