Food Truck Aesthetics

Food Truck Aesthetics

Food trucks have come a long way from the humble city taco truck.  But food trucks, like any dining establishment, need to build a customer base in order to be successful.  There have been many hopeful entrepreneurs that have quickly come and gone, unable to compete in a growing and increasingly competitive niche market. While there are many factors that contribute to a trucks success, the overall truck design can be crucial. It is a trucks’ first impression. And we all know the importance of a good (or bad) first impression.  Looks aren’t everything in the food truck world, but they sure are important.

After an outing to a fair, concert, gallery showing, etc. there is a good chance there is a food truck or two nearby.  More than likely, a large percentage of those passing by will not be familiar with the truck and will rely on their initial feelings and intuition.  Colors, designs, and the overall look and feel of the truck unconsciously influences customers to pick one over another.  The aesthetic appeal is crucial to stand out.

Posted by Jose Marty


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