Food Truck Bussiness: How I fell in love

Who i am?

My name is Julian, founder of The Food Truck Guy. My story starts when I was but a child because I was raised in an entrepreneurial family. I grew up seeing first-hand how my parents, who own a home-building company, enjoyed the benefits of flexible schedules and financial freedom. I wanted that life for myself instead of the “9 to 5” grind that imprisons so many. But how could I obtain it? I had no interest in building homes.

The story begins

As I grew older, my friends and family praised my love of and talent for cooking, often suggesting there should be a French restaurant in my future ––my own French restaurant. As I finished high school, I decided that I wanted to do just that ––have my own business in French cooking. I had observed various food trucks and food stands around the city and decided the city needed French food trucks and stands! So, I launched my new business –– a bright young man with high hopes, but not much expertise in the business end of French food trucks.

I was struggling with all the intricacies and mechanics of creating my food truck business when I met Michael E. Gerber. It was a life-changing experience! Inc Magazine calls him the “#1 small business guru in the world.” We talked. I explained my new business and what I wanted to accomplish; he asked probing questions designed to make me think, and then he offered step-by-step suggestions to achieve my goals.

I took his sage advice and started doing research about the food truck industry. After meeting food truck owners, and making friends with them, I soon realized that instead of joining the industry, I could help from the outside! I began working with Mr. Gerber as my entrepreneurial coach. He helped me structure what he calls my “dream, vision, purpose and mission.” Now, I am a man with a plan –– The Food Truck Guy.

The sole purpose of my company is to help all food truck owners –– not only nationwide, but worldwide –– to become true entrepreneurs who enjoy the perks and benefits of ownership. I want to guide them, to encourage them, to inspire them. I want to take them from the drudgery of the business running them to the bliss of them running the business. My company will help them grow their business in a way that will allow them to reach their full potential. I will be there with them every step of the way, helping them to implement a new and inventive support system customized specifically for each individual business.

I truly believe that as more and more owners join with me, my state-of-the-art support system will completely change the food truck industry!

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